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Statewide Probation Officer - Office of the Commissioner of Probation

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


The Trial Court is committed to: 

  • Fair, impartial, and timely administration of justice;
  • Protection of constitutional and statutory rights and liberties;
  • Equal access to justice for all in a safe and dignified environment strengthened by diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • Excellence in the adjudication of cases and resolution of disputes;
  • Courteous service to the public by dedicated professionals who inspire public trust and confidence.

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The Massachusetts Trial Court is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer and provides equal opportunity in state employment to all persons. No person shall be denied equal access because of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, pregnancy, military or veteran status, physical/mental disability; or genetic information. If you need a reasonable accommodation, or have any questions or concerns about being afforded fair and equal treatment, please contact the HR Benefits Team at

Statewide Probation Officer - Office of the Commissioner of Probation

  • 497180
  • Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Commissioner of Probation Off
  • Probation Services
  • Full-time
  • Closing at: Jun 14 2023 at 23:55 EDT

Title: Statewide Probation Officer - Office of the Commissioner of Probation

Pay Grade: New Probation Officers

Starting Pay: $ 66,807.10

Departmental Mission Statement: The Massachusetts Probation Service's mission is to increase community safety, reduce recidivism, contribute to the fair and equitable administration of justice, support victims and survivors, and assist individuals and families in achieving long term positive change.


Notes: This posting is for the position of Trial Court Probation Officer:

Candidates must have taken and passed the 2017, 2019 and 2023 Probation Officer Entrance Exam to be eligible to apply for this posting;

If you are a current Probation Officer with the MPS please do not apply to this statewide posting.

If you are a current APO with 4 or more years of full time experience as an APO as of the closing date of this posting,  please do not apply to this statewide posting.

(This is a one-time only practice.  Going forward thereafter the parties revert back to contractual language). 


The Massachusetts Probation Service will use this general Probation Officer posting to review candidates’ education and qualifications. After this review, those eligible will be contacted to participate in an in-person screening interview. The screening interview will be used as an assessment of a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and ability to perform the duties of a Probation Officer. Those who pass the screening interview will then be eligible to apply to individual court Probation Officer job postings in the future as those postings occur. Please be sure to complete your candidate profile in its entirety as well as upload an up to date resume through the applicant tracking system. 

We anticipate a high volume of applicants applying to this posting. The Massachusetts Probation Service may apply an additional review that is above the minimum qualifications outlined in this job posting. All candidates will be notified throughout the process regarding their application status and candidacy. 

Please be sure to provide us with your most up to date contact information during the application process. 

If you previously applied to a Probation Officer positing that application is no longer active. You MUST apply to this posting in order to be considered for a Probation Officer position. 


Position Summary: A Probation Officer, under the direct supervision of the Chief Probation Officer, First Assistant Chief Probation Officer, or Assistant Chief Probation Officer, investigates thoroughly offender personal history, background, and environment; reports findings to the court and is prepared to make appropriate recommendations on dispositions; periodically interviews probationers to determine the effectiveness of probation supervision and areas in which casework counseling are needed; refers probationers to social resources in the community for assistance in rehabilitation; enforces court orders; recommends revoking of probation and/or modification of court orders when necessary. Probation Officers may be subject to transfer within a defined geographic area in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.

• SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Work is performed under the general direction of the Chief Probation Officer or his/her designee and is evaluated for professional soundness and conformity to policy.

Supervision Received: 

Duties: Probation Officer Duties:
Performs all assigned duties relating to cases scheduled for appearance in court;

Assists as needed in courtroom procedure during court sessions;

Establishes a working communicative relationship with probationers in order to carry out the orders of the court;

Enforces all orders handed down by the court;

Carefully documents facts and testifies in court with respect to the probationer’s activities, behavior and quality of adjustment while under supervision;

Following established legal procedures brings alleged violations of the probationer to the attention of the court and/or brings a probationer before the court as required;

Determines when circumstances warrant modification of court orders and initiates the necessary action to procure a decision by the court on such modification;

Plans office activities, conferences, and field visits in connection with investigation and supervision functions;
Maintains accurate and up-to-date case records in a neat and legible prescribed form;
Prepares and submits monthly statistical and performance reports on the status of individual caseload;

Gathers and evaluates background information and any data pertinent to individual cases in connection with both investigation and supervision;
Monitors payment orders of the court, e.g., restitution, fines, and support orders;
Maintains own probation chronological listing information and contact with probationers;
Conducts counseling interviews for assigned cases according to approved counseling techniques in order to identify and clarify any probationer problems; suggests constructive methods for addressing such problems; and consults with supervisors as necessary;

Contacts public and private community groups and agencies to obtain their cooperation in attempting to address probationer needs; maintains continuous and collaborative working relationships with agencies;

Participates in the development of supervision plans in coordination with the Trial Court Office of Community Corrections to meet the needs of probationers;

Performs community supervision during or after hours as necessary, developing and conducting programs for rehabilitation in accordance with established standards;

Refers probationers to community agencies that offer specialized services that are required for a particular individual’s needs following a thorough and complete evaluation;

Collaborates with other law enforcement officials regarding the processing of warrants;

Admits offenders to the Electronic Monitoring Program (ELMO) in accordance with court orders; Conducts substance abuse tests in accordance with Trial Court Substance Abuse Testing Protocols either during or after hours;

Conducts investigations, prepares appropriate reports focused on best practices and evidence based conclusions of probationer behavior, and is prepared to make recommendations based on these investigations;

Performs various public relations activities, such as addressing community groups, participating in conferences, and meeting with agencies or the public on behalf of the Chief Probation Officer and/or the Trial Court;

Performs such other duties as may be directed by the judge or chief probation officer in accordance with the standards of the Probation Service and any specialized needs of the court;

Performs other related duties as required.

Job Competencies: PROBATION SERVICE COMPETENICES: All applicants must be able, through the interview process, prove proficiency in the following competencies:
• Competencies Key Skills Ethics and Values Communicates and demonstrates the ethics and values of Probation Service and the Trial Court. Mission and Vision Understands, upholds, and communicates the stated organizational mission and vision.
• Performance Enhancement (Individual & EBP) Actively is committed to both improving performance and the professional development process, including meeting Probation Service Standards, policies of the Probation Department and the Trial Court.
• Teamwork Demonstrates a willingness to work in a team oriented environment, with a commitment to shared goals and accountabilities through the development of positive relationships, promoting a healthy work environment.
• Collaboration Demonstrates flexibility and openness to modifications and adaptations suitable to the situation;
• Receptive to diverse ideas while respecting other's opinions and roles.
• Strategic Planning Integrates professional development with the organization's strategic goals.
• Self Awareness Seeks feedback and direction regarding performance and professional development;
• Understands how different situations often require different responses.
• Influence Using experiences to suggest improvements to policies and processes; Acts an agent for positive change.
• Managing External Environment Works cooperatively with the law enforcement community and other government agencies in Probation's sphere of operations.
• Continuous Learning Is actively committed to and actively works to continuously improve himself/herself.

Minimum Requirements: These are the minimum requirements necessary to apply for the position of Probation Officer
• A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university is required; a concentration in human services, behavioral sciences, or criminal justice is preferred.
• A minimum of 2 years of work experience in human services, criminal justice, or 2 years working as an Associate Probation Officer;
PLEASE NOTE: A graduate degree in the behavioral sciences, education, administration, management, law or criminal justice may be substituted for the above experience, if the candidate also possesses a bachelor's degree in accordance with the education requirement.

Preferred Qualifications:


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Employment with the Trial Court is contingent upon passage of a criminal record check.

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