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Trial Court Employee Benefits

As a Trial Court employee, you are eligible to receive an array of benefits that are established by the State Retirement Board and the Group Insurance Commission, negotiated through collective bargaining agreements with unions representing Trial Court employees, and established by the Trial Court.



Each benefit section supplies information regarding coverage enrollment or making a change. Links can be found below.


Group Insurance Commission (GIC)

State Retirement Board

Trial Court employee benefits summary

Credit Union – Metro Credit Union

Deferred Compensation Program — SMART Plan (Supplemental Retirement Program)

Dental and Vision Insurance plans

Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP)

Direct deposit

Employee Assistance Program

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)


*This summary does not create a contract or pending agreement between the Trial Court and any employee or group of employees. The Trial Court reserves the right to change or alter any or all of such plans, policies and procedures described herein and within its jurisdiction at such time as deemed appropriate, consistent with applicable law. 

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Insurance Benefits through the Group Insurance Commission (GIC)

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State Retirement Board

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Absence and Leave Policies

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